30 Years Ago: The Clash Regroup and Make Their Final Album

Though the Clash’s album did chart in the Top 20 in the U.K., it struggled to make Top 100 in the U.S. and sank without a trace. Over the years, it has nearly been written out of the band’s

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music ruined my life: The Clash: Out of Control (Cut the

May 24, 2009 · THE CLASH: OUT OF CONTROL (CUT THE CRAP REVISITED) “An alternate version of the final Clash studio album. Featuring live versions, demos and several tracks performed live but left off the official album.”(From the liner notes*) *The source of the original CD-R is unknown but credit will be given upon learning their identity.

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It was their effort to keep the Clash alive without Mick and Topper. (I would love to remix/produce a new version of this album.) It yielded one hit (This is London) but has a few other good songs, including the funky Fingerpoppin’.


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The Clash released their eponymous debut album on this day in 1977. Recorded over three weekend sessions at a cost of £4,000, its 14 tracks hurtle by at a breakneck running time of 35 minutes 18 seconds, from ’48 Hours’ lasting barely 90 seconds, to their anthem ‘Garageland’, clocking in …


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TradARRR played their album which is very good and reminiscent of Fairport in their pomp. Dreadzone were splendid in a “bass lines to make your fillings drop out” sort of way. Emmy & Rodney were very good after a slightly shaky start, and the sound was very good, but blimey their …

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Went Sirius two years ago and haven’t looked back. Got damn sick and tired of endless DJ blabber and radio employees dishing about the in-crowd party they went to last night.

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