Can you transfer Batman Arkham City saves from PS3 to

When Batman Arkham City first came out, I bought it for PS3 and beat the game while finishing a few extra side missions. Since then, I’ve gotten rid of my PS3 copy and got a steam version. I still have the saved file on my PS3.


Mar 08, 2013 · 1-open BATMAN ARKHAM CITY from you’re applications folder (or wherever you’ve save 2-click on the “about” tab and then click on “open preferences folder”

Batman Arkham City PS3 Regular to GOTY Save Transfer

A question about Batman Arkham City. I borrowed the regular edition of the game on PS3 from my brother, the save now sits at 85% with all riddles collected but no challenges done. I recently bought the GOTY edition for the DLC but my 85% save isn’t there.

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Can I transfer my save from the vanilla game to the GOTY edition? I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t, since the GOTY should just be vanilla plus DLC, but it’s always best to ask when it comes to GFWL.

How to: Load Original Arkham City Save Games with GOTY

Run the GOTY edition and start a save file in each of the 4 slots (you probably only need to create a save in the same slot that your original save is in). 2. Exit the game and browse to your original Arkham City …

Where the hell is my save game!? – Batman: Arkham City

“Might be a little late for this but when my save file was deleted after the patch, it was later discovered to be backed up on Steam, if you purchased it there.

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Aug 07, 2014 · The only Arkham City file that would appear in that list would have been the one you just saved and it would mixed in with everything else in the list, but it would be easy to identify in most

Recover saves for Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City

Open the game and create the number of gfwl-saves you have. Lets say you have 3 gfwl-savegames, create 3 new savegames (fill 3 slots with 0%). Now in savegame folder you should have save0.sgd, save1.sgd and save2.sgd.