Castle Rock Channels The Dark Tower by Bending Realities

The Dark Tower is the linchpin of Stephen King’s body of work, and Castle Rock has finally brought it into the show’s main narrative.’ Castle Rock Channels The Dark Tower by Bending Realities Castle Rock has been burying the lead for eight episode.

Castle Rock Theories: Who is The Kid? Bill Skarsgard

Aug 17, 2018 · Castle Rock has referenced plenty of King works so far, but one curious omission has been The Dark Tower series, his eight-book fantasy epic that first introduces the …

Castle Rock Easter Eggs: Every Stephen King Reference in

Sep 12, 2018 · In The Dark Tower series, the ringing in one’s ears are referenced as “the subaudible” and it’s directly connected to what’s called “the thinny,” or that place between realities where the barrier

Castle Rock S01E10 – “Romans” – Episode Discussion

The Dark Tower is the only Stephen Kind series I’ve read, so when they mentioned the concept of a “door” that brings together alternate realities in Castle Rock I got goosebumps! permalink embed

Castle Rock – The Queen – Review: “Give Sissy Spacek An Emmy”

The first truly mind-blowing episode of Castle Rock yet, The Queen was a tour-de-force that should all but guarantee an Emmy nomination at least for Sissy Spacek, if all was well and good in the world, as she puts in an incredible performance in an hour primarily dedicated to her character, Ruth.

The Dark Tower TV Series Is Still Happening, But With A

For years, Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series has been on the long road to a live-action universe, and while all the parts are in motion for the feature film, things haven’t gone so smoothly

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For example, we include the Dark Tower film because it’s not an adaptation, it’s a continuation of the Dark Tower series. It’s a sequel. That is also why we include the Castle Rock series.

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Castle Rock is not a book, but an original story for television. They do pull a lot of Easter Eggs from King’s books, and King is one of the executive producers, along with JJ Abrams. Personally, I …

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Meet the Minds Behind ‘Castle Rock’: Dusty Thomason Talks

In many ways, Castle Rock is the classic story of a small town with a dark past, in the vein of shows like Twin Peaks, incorporating the many aspects that create a true Stephen King horror tale

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It further reveals that there are alternate universes intersecting in the town of Castle Rock, more specifically in the woods, a half-mile east of Castle Lake. The Castle Rock in this episode is one of those alternate universes, where The Kid of the past eight episodes is Ruth and Pastor Matthew’s biological son …

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