City Hall set to reject new mosque –

DANISH NEWS – The city’s finance committee will vote Tuesday, 8 March and politicians are lining up to block the project by: University Post Newsroom Copenhagen City Council politicians have expressed concern about the prospect of a major new mosque in the capital, writes and

Muslims sue city for rejecting mega-mosque – WND

President Obama visited an American mosque for the first time earlier this year and his administration has filed lawsuits against cities that reject new mosques.

Michigan Town ‘Submits to Sharia’ Over New Mosque?

Mar 01, 2017 · The site plan submitted by the Center met all of the requirements to build a Mosque in the City of Sterling Heights. Accordingly, the City Planning Staff recommended approval.

Kennesaw city council changes course; votes ‘yes’ on new


Kennesaw city council voted yes to let the Suffa Dawat mosque temporarily move into a strip mall on Jiles Road, reversing a decision earlier in December to reject the mosque.

Detroit Suburb Rejects Proposed Mosque | Al Jazeera America

At Thursday’s City Hall meeting, none of the speakers made derogatory remarks about Muslims or Islam. Instead, several residents worried about the traffic and parking problems that the mosque, which would stand on 4.3 acres along a major thoroughfare, would create.

What’s next for Bayonne mosque controversy? |

Jan 19, 2018 · BAYONNE — In September 2015, the planning commission of Sterling Heights, Michigan voted unanimously to reject building a mosque in a location that was seen as unsuitable for the area.

Kennesaw City Council rejects mosque at shopping center

For a new mosque, 20 families is a very generous estimate. Also, the daily prayers are almost always empty. a weekday visit to the powder springs mosque (10 years old) or the Sandy Plains rd mosque (8 years in a strip mall) will be proof.

Top responsesRedditI can’t imagine this being upheld in a civil suit. The same city council approved a church in a nearby shopping center. America was literally founded so groups could … read more52 votesWhatever you do, don’t click “View Comments” on that page.16 votes2 years later the free standing mosque they’re planning gets built and the city of Kennesaw has to pay damages after losing a civil suit case most people forgot … read more11 votesBecause slamming shut the “door” will make them embrace you even more? Kennesaw, still living in the past
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A lot of the questions about the legality of this decision are answered here: … read more1 voteI love KSU, but everytime I hear something about Kennesaw local government, I hate it. I should change where I’m registered to vote to Kennesaw.0 votesAlle anzeigen

New Jersey town rejects plans for a mosque and is accused


The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge’s application to build the mosque was denied in December after four years and 39 public hearings in the town, which is around 36 miles west of New York City.

Georgia’s Muslim community dealt double blow in attempts

Georgia’s Muslim community received a double blow on 11 May, when Batumi City Hall rejected a petition to construct a second mosque in the city and local author­i­ties in the village of Mokhe rejected a request to transfer ruins in the village, allegedly of a mosque, to the local Muslim community.

Anti-Muslim fury greets proposals for U.S. mosques | The Star

New York City, N.Y.: Conservative media outlets helped to turn a 2009 proposal for an Islamic community centre and mosque in Manhattan, two blocks from the …