Diablo 2: Necromancer’s Quest Chapter 1: Prologue: Rogue


Disclaimer: I do not own Diablo 2 or its expansion. This is my first fanfiction though, and it is based on the new Necromancer character and his adventures.

Diablo 2: Necromancer’s Quest Chapter 2: Blood Raven


This is my first fanfiction. It is based on Diablo 2 and its expansion, Lord of Destruction. It is about the adventures of my necromancer character and the adventures that he has with the other characters.

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Fan Fiction Screenshots Strategy Playing Tips Diablo II Story : The Long Journey The Quest for Diablo by Rissa story by Rissa. Chapter 1 – The Den of Evil Received. Song of Tiraya Chapter 1, The Rogue Encampment; Chapter 2, Lut Gholein; Chapter 3, Kurast. The Sentinel story by Dragon Reborn. Chapter 1.

What the Hell kind of Sanctuary is this!? [Diablo Ideas

Feb 21, 2016 · Now, we all know that in Diablo, D2, and D3 (pre patch 2.0) that once you beat the game, you can then take your character to the beginning again on the next difficulty level. Enemies scale, loot scales, and your character carries over their complete set …

Hail the King Chapter 90 – Noodletown Translated

If Fei could use his knight, priest, druid, necromancer, amazon and rogue to all master the [Rogue Encampment] map and gather all 7 professions’ skills to one to complement each other, then his strength would probably be stronger than just focusing on the barbarian.

Diablo II (Video Game) – TV Tropes

Doomed Protagonist: Diablo II makes very clear that this was the eventual fate of the hero from the first game, as he finally succumbs to Diablo’s corruption and becomes the Dark Wanderer. All three PCs from the first game suffer this; the Rogue becomes the demonic …

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