Kevin James reveals why they killed off his ‘Kevin Can

Erinn Hayes and Kevin James on season one. Michael Parmelee/CBS . The INSIDER Summary: “Kevin Can Wait” killed off actor Kevin James’ TV wife before the premiere of the second season.

Why ‘Kevin Can Wait’ is really killing off Erinn Hayes

Aug 23, 2017 · Producers for “Kevin Can Wait” decided to kill off the CBS sitcom’s main female character, Donna Gable — played by Erinn Hayes — because …

Kevin James on Why Kevin Can Wait Killed Off Erinn Hayes

James doesn’t explain why Hayes’ character Donna was killed off instead of having the couple get divorced, which would would have made more sense for the tone of the show.

Kevin James explains why he killed off ‘Kevin Can Wait

Oct 14, 2017 · Kevin James’ sitcom “Kevin Can Wait” killed off a major character to give life to new storylines.

Kevin James Finally Reveals Why His Wife was Killed Off on

Kevin James is finally opening up about why Erinn Hayes‘s character Donna, his TV wife on Kevin Can Wait, was suddenly killed off. The actor, 52, told the New York Daily News that the decision

Kevin James Breaks Silence on Why ‘Kevin Can Wait’ Killed

Kevin James is breaking his silence on why Kevin Can Wait shockingly killed off its female lead.. Over the summer, it was revealed that James’ TV wife, Donna (played by Erinn Hayes), would be

Kevin James Reveals Why ‘Kevin Can Wait’ Killed His TV Wife

Oct 16, 2017 · Video ansehen · It’s a question every Kevin Can Wait fan has been asking: Why did they kill off Donna?When season 2 of the CBS comedy began, Erinn Hayes’ character was replaced by Kevin James’ former King

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‘Kevin Can Wait’: Why CBS Is Killing Off Erinn Hayes

Video ansehen · “Kevin, the studios and the network all got together and wanted to keep that magic and chemistry going forward. Leah was a stunt episode at the end of the season.

Why Kevin Can Wait Decided To Kill Off Erinn Hayes’ Character

Kevin Can Wait made headlines this summer when news broke that leading lady Erinn Hayes would be replaced for Season 2, with her character killed off. Now, the executive producer has revealed why

‘Kevin Can Wait’ premiere: The decision to kill off Erinn

Sep 26, 2017 · On Monday night, “Kevin Can Wait” doubled down on option C. How did Erinn Hayes’s character, Donna, die? Well, we have no idea. It was never addressed.