The pension of a female who was an employee in the government is guaranteed even if her husband is an employee or a pensioner. To benefit from PPA services, sign up on the PPA portal. The pension of the deceased pensioner is distributed equally between the beneficiaries.

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Synonyms of ‘pensioner’ noun. senior citizen Dictionary, retired person, retiree (US) the pensioners’ fuel allowance. Thesaurus for pensioner from the Collins English Thesaurus. Dictionary definition. A pensioner is someone who receives a pension, especially a pension paid by the state to retired people.

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The Father of the Marshalsea, even humming a tune, and wearing his black velvet cap a little on one side, so much improved were his spirits, went down into the yard, and found his old pensioner standing there hat in hand just within the gate, as he had stood all this time.


Pensioner are an independent rock band from Dundee, Scotland. The band are: Ross Middlemiss (Vocals, Guitar), Mike Lennie (Vocals, Bass), Mark Keiller (Vocals, Percussion, Drums) and Callum Sutherland (Vocals, Guitar).

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Monetising your pension Part of the answer lies in financial education where retiring people must be trained to measure risks and leverage on opportunities where they hope to succeed.


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pensioner investeres i våbenindustrien ”Vi er sat i verden for at skabe de størst mulige pensioner for vores medlemmer – men det skal ske BØRN & UNGE ETIK SOCIAL & SUNDHED PENSIONSOPSPARING PÅ AFVEJE ETIK Borgerlige borgmestre forstår ikke timing for KL-fusion

Pensioner arrested after stabbing suspected burglar to death

A forensic team search a street where a suspected burglar died after a robbery at a pensioner’s home in south-east London. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) A 78-year-old man has been arrested