Rediff On The NeT: Was Jinnah a Shia or Sunni?

Which sect of Islam did Mohammad Ali Jinnah belong to, Shia or Sunni? Though it is commonly believed he was a Shia, Khaled Akhtar, a Communist, has evidence that the …

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Sources indicate that targeted Shia include “ordinary” Shia (Jinnah Institute 2013, 20; Human Rights Watch 5 Sept. 2012), meaning people who are not high profile individuals or involved in sectarian politics (Jinnah Institute 2013, 19, 20).

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Oct 21, 2003 · Jinnah was a very far sighted person and was a genius, influenced by Allamah Iqbal (who was also hailed by Ayatollah Khamanie), Jinnah knew the importance and the significance of seperate Muslim state and the role of this country in the future. Today..

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For example, I found a Jinnah biography by Prakash Almeida which states: “Jinnah ignored the fundamental differences in religious philosophies of various sections of the Muslim community (Shias, Sunnis, Wahabis and others.)” (p. 234) Jinnah may “technically” have been a Shia by birth, but the distinctions between different branches of the Muslim faith apparently meant nothing to him.

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The country’s founder was a Shia but it was Mr. Jinnah himself who was evasive about his Shia Muslim identity. The founder of the state, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, although himself a Twelver Shia after conversion from the Ismaili sect, was wont to describe himself in public as neither a Shia nor a Sunni.

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Jun 19, 2014 · The Syrian war also became the Shia-Sunni war and in the process the Americans ostensibly got a bit disturbed, lately, that the radical elements were …

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Would Jinnah have lived Shia ? I fail to understand why Jinnah has become a reference point ? He was a non practicing muslim, never thought of Pakistan in terms of Sunnis or Shias.