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The Crusades were a several centuries delayed response to Islamic jihad. When Pope Urban II called the First Crusade in 1095, the followers of the prophet had already spread across the Middle East and North Africa by force.

Urban Dictionary: The Crusades

The Crusades refers to the wars of the 11th-13th centuries in The Holy Land (Middle East) that were fought between Christians and Muslims. Contrary to the definitions on here clearly written by atheists ignorant of history and with a grudge against religion, these “holy” wars were initiated in response to forceful spread of the Seljuk turks who were expanding their empire with force attacking

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1) A Crusader is someone who joined the Pope sanctioned wars in the 11th, 12th, and 13th century. They usually joined the Crusades to cleanse their sins or show devotion to God. 2) A staunch attacker of a certain belief, act, etc.

Urban Dictionary: The Fifth Crusade

2003-??. Also known as “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Like the previous four crusades, turned out to be an embarrassment.

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The Crusades were a several hundreds of years delayed reaction to Islamic jihad. Whenever Pope Urban II labeled as initial Crusade in 1095, the supporters associated with the prophet had currently spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa by power.