Urban Dictionary: Falklands War

The Falklands War, although in theory not a war but rather a conflict, was fought between Argentina and Britain. On the 2nd of May in 1982, the Argentine Navy, launched an amphibious assault on the island, initally gaining the element of suprise against the Royal Marine garrison on the island.

Urban Dictionary: Falklands

really small islands next to the coast of argentina. Called Malvinas by the argentine people. During the 80s a war broke out.. and the argentinians.. poorly armed.. just with k98 nazi rifles.. got their asses kicked and they surrended.. but it was a really stupid war.. for just to …

Urban Dictionary: Falklands Effect

Falklands Effect unknown When a states-person is saved by events beyond their control, normally the manifesting as a polling spike. Named for the effect of the Falklands War on the British 1983 General Election, and closely related to the Machiavellian concept of ‘Fortuna’.

Urban Dictionary: falkenstein

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What does Falklands War mean in Urban Dictionary?

The Falklands War, although in theory maybe not a war but alternatively a conflict, was fought between Argentina and Britain.On the next of May in 1982, the Argentine Navy, established an amphibious assault from the area, initally gaining the component of suprise up against the Royal aquatic garrison on area.

Urban Dictionary: Falkland Islands

A small group of islands, controlled by the government of the United Kingdom in the south atlantic close to argentina. in 1982 the Argentinians invaded the falkland islands, believeing that they belong to them. this resulted in the British Navy being sent to defend the islands in a war that cost the lives of 1000 service men from Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Urban Dictionary: Falkner

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Urban Dictionary: falkore

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What does Belgrano mean in Urban Dictionary?

It had been origianally the US navy’s “Phoenix” World war II ship, now offered to argentina.The HMS conqueror fired six torpedoes, two which hit directly. The first instantly killed 275 argentines sailors, the 2nd ripping off 15 feet of the hull, dooming the ship.

What does World War 1 mean in Urban Dictionary?

War started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, had been assassinated. Due to the alliances during the time it caused the full fledged world war.